Frequently Asked Questions

Common Response Codes

These are some of the response messages that the system can give you in the Upgrade or Renew phases:

  • Upgrade in queue • The upgrade has been added to the waitlist, as soon as it's your turn your account will be upgraded to premium automatically.

  • Upgrade/Renew in progress • The Upgrade/Renew is in progress, in a few minutes you will automatically receive the result.

  • Out of Stock • The country you specified during the Upgrade is now out of stock, please use a different country or wait a restock.

  • Invalid Account Details • The details you have provided are incorrect, please check that your account Email/Username and Password are correct.

  • 12 Months • Sp0tify does not allow entering a family more than once a year, so in this case you will need to provide a new account.

  • Already Premium • The account you have provided is already Premium and therefore cannot be upgraded.

  • System Error • The system encountered an error that cannot be translated, in this case it tries to send the Upgrade/Renew request again.
My country is not available

We do a stock of accounts from all countries every week, unfortunately there are some more difficult countries to restock, in these cases please be patient and wait for the next re-stock or you can use another country, this will give you some minimal limitations in the various music catalogs available.

If your account receives an email informing the owner that his account is no longer in the family, it means that you have lost the premium and therefore you will be entitled to a renew. In this case, go to the Renew page and enter the details of the account in question, the system will proceed to renew the key in order to make it usable again on the Upgrade page.

Restocks are generally made every week, in extreme cases where there are problems with restock they could be every 2 days. It is useless to ask or open tickets to ask for restock as we already do everything possible to insert the largest possible stock, therefore the requests will not change anything.
Lifetime Terms

Lifetime, people often get confused with the meaning of this with our service. Our sp0tify upgrades, are for the lifetime of the service We will provide unlimited & free replacements for any downgrades during this time as long as our website is running and we are in operation.